Employee Self Service

An HRIS with Employee self-service, such as Espresso HR, allows employees to access company information, change various personal details for themselves, request an absence from work – such as a holiday or sick leave, review organisation document, and more.

Allowing employees to access via self-service can provide improvements to efficiency, reduce administration time, and improve record accuracy. Here are just a few examples of the benefits of self-service systems:

  • Greater Accuracy: Employees can keep their personal details, emergency contacts and more up to date in just a few clicks.
  • Improved Efficiency: As employees can request time off directly via the system there is no need for paper forms, emails, and other manual tasks.
  • Easy self-checking: Employees can easily check back through their records to see when things happened if they have forgotten something.
  • Documents on-demand: Employees can find relevant procedure documents and contracts directly in the system as soon as they need it rather than needing to request them or go routing through a filing cabinet.

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